Finn-Perkins Laboratory

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Using an integrative systems biology, molecular biology and bioinformatics approach, the lab is elucidating the interplay and contribution of genetics, miRs and microbiome in obesity, kidney, lung and cardiovascular disease. We are using an interdisciplinary approach to analyze primary human samples in disease and health to understand unique signatures associated with different human conditions so we may be able to better prevent and treat disease.

Our collaborators around the country and world provide expertise and patient biological samples to help increase diversity and chances to address health disparities,  enabling personalized health.










Strength and uniqueness of research initiative:


a) Cutting edge research on diseases that affect millions: big data, systems biology approach, gives highest chance of elucidating complexities and understanding of obesity, kidney and heart disease. 


b) Addresses health disparities by looking at similarities and differences of microbiome in Asians, Hispanics, African Americans, Caucasians and their contribution to disease and health


c) Leading physician scientists overseeing initiative, two of whom were faculty at Harvard medical school. 

 d) National and international collaborations

University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System and inventors are the sole owners of any intellectual property that stems from the research supported.


Microbiome miRNA in Health and Disease